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Welcome to Snowbird Alta Lodging & Luxury Vacation Rentals!

Alta Ski Resort and Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort are two of the greatest outdoor playgrounds in the US. No matter the season, we have the perfect Utah vacation rental for your party! Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway for 2, have a group of 16 pals or several families who want the experience of a lifetime, Canyon Services has accommodations to fit your needs. Nestled in Little Cottonwood Canyon our homes and condos offer stunning views, fully equipped kitchens, great amenities and the personal service of our attentive staff. Welcome, we’ve been expecting you…

Your Utah ski vacation of a lifetime… or a peaceful summer getaway...

is just a phone call away!    888-546-5707

Vital Questions to ask when renting

a Rental Vacation Accommodation in Utah


1. Exactly where is the property located?   


Is it within walking distance of the resort you are interested in? If there is a drive, how many miles, minutes and type of road.  Be sure to get clarity on this point - there are many places to rent that are "close by" but NOT at a resort. The more you know the less surprises you will have when you arrive.

Canyon Services Vacation Rental units are all within walking and/or skiing distance of both Alta and Snowbird. They are located between the two resorts - right on the mountain... they are not in the Salt Lake Valley at the base of the canyon.


2. What can I expect when I arrive?


You should be greeted by helpful and caring check-in staff, your unit should be sparking clean and well equipped with all the things that will make your vacation memorable.

Canyon Services team of experienced managers stand ready to help you get settled into your accommodations when you arrive and make sure you have everything you need. Your unit is ready for your stay with all the beds made-up (linens provided), towels in the bathrooms and dish and laundry soap in the kitchen. Our staff will help you with any questions and can provide a variety of services.


Call Today! We want to help you plan YOUR dream ski or summer vacation!

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