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Alta Snowbird Blog

New Stories from Utah's Wasatch Moutains

Welcome to Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah’s world-famous mountain destination. Canyon Services has managed properties in this special place since 1985. Our Alta Snowbird Blog is dedicated to documenting the many amazing stories of Little Cottonwood Canyon. When planning your trip to Utah, be sure to see what’s happening at Alta Snowbird. 

Friends in High Places

One of the things about being a writer is the hours. By that you can infer they’re terrible. At any time, inspiration may come to you and you’ll find yourself up at 2 AM or conversely, dragging yourself through a slow afternoon. The upside is, when...

Little Cottonwood Canyon 4x4 Required

Whether this will be your first trip to the beautiful slopes and perfect powder of the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City or you’re a seasoned veteran who comes in July for the wildflowers, there are always questions that come up. That is what our new series on this blog will aim to address.

Salzburger Echo on the Summit

Oktoberfest is in full swing in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Snowbird has raised the bar from years past and the results are superb. The celebration of German food, alpine music, and above all, beer, is enjoyed by more people this year than at any time in its history.

Summit Crew

They gathered. From across the nation and even the sea: Madison, Wisconsin; Cody, Wyoming; Auburn, Washington; LA; even Seefeld, Austria. Card wielding gladiators at one of the world’s elite annual poker summits. 2017 found the combatants in Canyon Services digs in Alta, duking it out...


Dateline: August 21, 2017, Alta (Wyoming, population 394).

Even to the remote wilds of the Idaho/Wyoming border they descended. RV’ers from Hungary. Local rednecks. Or Salt Lake City, in the case of Tommy and Katie, a wonderfully pleasant couple who’d staked out their spot early...