It’s that time of year. And it’s one of those seasons. Yesterday was arguably one of the best powder days of 2019. As usual, Canyon Blog was in the snow to report the action for you, the loyal Canyon Services lodger.

Snowy hills and trees.

To say the snow was spectacular would be an understatement. Two feet of sugary goodness in one day was complimented by the mere handful of people in line at Alta. Your correspondent hoped to cover Snowbird as well, in the interests of full coverage, but the gates between the resorts were closed. Too much powder.

Alternatively, he planned to capture extensive photographic enticement, but well, the snow between Catherine’s, No 9 Express and Erosion Gullies kept him going nonstop and he forgot. So you’ll have to make due with these few shots.

Snowy hills and trees.

No matter. The storm cycle will continue this coming week and Alta’s open the entire month of April and Snowbird through at least May. Here’s a tip: drop whatever you’re doing, call our wonderful reservation folks, and book that flight. Then you can remember to take your own photos… strictly to document your adventure, not to make your friends jealous.

Snowy hill and trees.