Now that you’ve decided where you’re headed on vacation it’s time to make sure you choose a reputable place to stay!

VRMA (Vacation Rental Managers Association) has 5 questions you should always ask when you book. Below are the questions and Canyon Services answers…

1. Is there a Rental Agreement?
Rental Agreements protect you and the property owner of the vacation rental. It is important to have an agreement in place when you book so you know what to expect from the property owner/management company and you know what you, the renter, are responsible for.
Canyon Services answer | Yes, we do have each guest sign a Rental Agreement, this agreement ensures that our home owners and our guests are protected.

Private outdoor hot tub2. If I have questions during my stay, do you have someone I can call for assistance?
This is very important especially when you are staying in a secluded place like Alta and Snowbird, where we are located. You do not want to spend you precious vacation time trying the figure out why you’ve lost power or have an issue with your tub (because these things do happen). You want to be able to call a live person who can assist you in your home away from home!

Canyon Services answer | Yes, we do! We have managers on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week for anything you need during your stay.

3. How do I know I am getting reliable services and facilities?
Look for property management/property owners who are members of the VRMA and other professional associations. Look for reviews of properties and companies on google and other websites.
Canyon Services answer | We are members of the VRMA and all our properties have reviews on Flip Key and HomeAway and Canyon Services is reviewed on google. We are also a member of the Alta Chamber and Visitors Bureau.

4. How do I make a Reservation?
Booking online is very helpful AND you also want to ensure that their is a live person who you can contact. It is important as you get ready to spend your hard earned money on a vacation rental that you can ask all the questions you have about the property and area if you choose to.
Canyon Services answer | You may book online  through our secure website or call our Reservations Office to reserve your dates and the pay your deposit with a valid credit card or e-check. We follow-up with every online booking with phone call to complete the reservation and answer any questions you may have. We will also send you a few reminder emails from the time you book to your arrival giving you valuable information for your stay!

Two Queen Bedroom with fireplace.5. Should I go with a pro?
We think so! The vacation rental business is very competitive and those who are pros really know how to make the guest experience one of kind and as easy as possible. You’re going on vacation to relax, so let someone who knows the ins and outs of industry help you make that happen!
Canyon Services answer | With over 30 years in business, we are pros in the vacation rental business and you’ll see from your reservation to the end of your trip, we’ve got you covered!

See the entire slideshow from VRMA and their answers to the questions.