Skiing may be over but Hiking Trails are open in Little Cottonwood Canyon

The ski season is finally over. No more false alarms. Aside from a dedicated group of hiker/skiers walking their boards up Wildcat last week even the diehards have given up the white ghost till fall. While there’s snow on the peaks and across swaths of upper slopes protected from the afternoon sun, you’ll have to search for it if you plan get in even a few turns.

But the hiking and mountain biking trails are open. The white and red pine trail head parking lot were full last weekend and rock climbers’ vehicles, with their bohemian decor and occupants, have begun filling the lower regions of the canyon. Your blogger finds people watching in the canyon superior in summer to winter for the same reason the flora and fauna are so interesting. The offerings become more diverse. Canyon Blog will look to add photos of the more interesting specimens (human and otherwise) as summer progresses.

In the meantime, if you’re reading this from a great distance and a world away, like Chicago or LA or London, rental offerings in the canyon are open and yours for the picking. Summer solstice arrives next week and Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort is uncrowded, the days are long and the options limited only by your available energy.

The canyon has come alive in all its glory now that June is here. Not with people (aside from holiday weekends the numbers in the canyon are lower in the off season), but flora and fauna. Last night around 9:30 PM a single coyote announced his presence to your blogger and he and the smaller mammals in the neighborhood took note. Though no answer came, his hunting partners weren’t distant. Two robins have been competing for turf below our porch and making it known neither is happy with the situation. And at 9800 feet the wildflowers are only growing on the north side of the canyon, although it’s still the low ground cover variety at the moment. Must be the early morning sunshine and warmth. The big guns won’t arrive at altitude for a couple weeks yet.