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Arrival Packet

Check-in is 4:00pm or later and Check-out is 10:00am or before.​

On this page you will find information on:
In Canyon Important Phone Numbers
Arrival and Grocery Store Map
Grocery Shopping Options
Now is the time to Finalize: Ground Transportation, Discounted Lift Tickets, Gear Rentals
Plat Map

In Canyon Important Phone Numbers
The Operations Office is your resource for everything you may need after you arrive. 
Operations Office: 801-742-3880
Village at Sugarplum, Superior Townhouses, Superior Point and the Meadows: 801-742-3880
Powder Ridge: 801-742-2624
Hellgate Condominiums: 801-742-2020

Arrival and Grocery Store Map
If you are renting an SUV and driving from the airport, please use this map for directions to Little Cottonwood Canyon and any grocery stops you may need to make along the way. GPS doesn't always work properly in Little Cottonwood Canyon. 

Grocery Shopping Options
Concierge by Jan | She will be happy to shop for you and have groceries for you upon arrival. Place your order at least ten (10) days prior to your arrival, orders received less than 10 days prior cannot be guaranteed. Contact Jan at or 801-742-3880.

Daily Grocery Shuttle (mid December to mid April only) | During the winter season, a grocery shuttle is available daily with a reservation. See our website for more details or call Canyon Transportation.

During the winter season it is required that you have at least two (2) days of groceries for each person in your group due to possible heavy winter storms and road conditions.

​Now is the time to Finalize: Ground Transportation, Discounted Lift Tickets, Gear Rentals
Please finalize all of these items at least 10 days prior to your arrival by contacting the Reservations Office at 800-562-2888, after that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your requests.

Ground Transportation | You will need to rent an SUV with 4- wheel drive (during Winter season).   We can arrange Round Trip Shuttles from the Airport both Private and Shared.   To arrange a Private Shuttles everyone from your group must be arriving/departing at the same time. Private shuttles can include grocery, liquor and gear stops!  Shared Shuttles do not have any stops between the airport and your vacation rental.

Lift Tickets | Order your Discounted Lift Tickets - Ski City Super Pass - Call Reservations today to order your Lift Tickets. 

Rental Gear (Winter Season Only) | A. J. Motion Sports is ready to assist you! Follow this link to pre-order your gear. Set up your pickup time or have them deliver to your condo. By using the Canyon Services link, you will receive either 30% discount or free delivery. Note: If you are on a shared shuttle you will need your gear delivered, as the shared shuttle is unable to make this stop. 

Plat Map
This map is provided for your reference and shows all the Vacation Rentals available through Canyon Services.