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Alta Snowbird Blog

New Stories from Utah's Wasatch Moutains

Welcome to Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah’s world-famous mountain destination. Canyon Services has managed properties in this special place since 1985. Our Alta Snowbird Blog is dedicated to documenting the many amazing stories of Little Cottonwood Canyon. When planning your trip to Utah, be sure to see what’s happening at Alta Snowbird. 

Snow Time

It’s here. Snow! Heaps of it! The gods of winter swooped in from the north and graced the slopes of the greatest snow on earth with, well, the greatest snow on earth. Storm totals were monstrous through the entire Thanksgiving holiday. Alta is reporting 117...

Dave Fields

Canyon Blog imposed upon Snowbird’s (relatively) new President and General Manager, Dave Fields, to catch up on the latest happenings and obtain the inside scoop.

Canyon Blog: Congratulations on the ascension to Snowbird’s loftiest position. When did...


It’s that time of year here in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Snowbird’s tribute to beer and all things German has begun in earnest now that Oktoberfest is in full swing. Every weekend from noon to 6 PM through October 20th you can unpack your lederhosen and...

Mountain Beauty

Recently your correspondent spent a rainy day hiking Peruvian Gulch and Cirque Ridge, mostly trying to resolve a writing quandary but also because rain keeps fellow hikers to a minimum and allows you to enjoy popular trails. There’s also something about rainy hikes that draws...

Alone at Dawn

**UPDATE** Alone at Dawn is now a New York Times Bestseller

It’s not widely known that your loyal Canyon Blog blogger has an actual (or perhaps secret) identity as Dan Schilling, author.  Improbable but true.

My forthcoming book, Alone at Dawn tells the story of...