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Local Flavor

What's up Locally at Alta and Snowbird?

Alta Ski Area and Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort offer many local retailers, business and events and here you can explore all the awesome local flavor of Little Cottonwood Canyon in our Blog!

Epicurean Delight

This month your blogger had the wonderful opportunity to experience dining at its finest at Little Cottonwood’s only stand-alone restaurant, The Shallow Shaft. And what a restaurant it is, as both an institution unto itself and constant pursuer of culinary perfection. But we’re getting ahead...

Spring may be when a young man’s fancy turns to love, but up here at tree line if you’re a moose it’s fall. Canyon Blog managed to capture local bachelor and amorous ungulate Bullwinkle in action with the help of remote equipment and local photographer...

A Brightly clad skier poses while using adaptive equipment

If you’ve called the Reservations Team of Canyon Services within the last few years, there’s a good chance that you’ve spoken with Meagan.  What most folks don’t know, however, is that while she grew up in Salt Lake, hiking and skiing our beautiful mountains, she...

Friends in High Places

<p>One of the things about&nbsp;being a writer is the hours. By that you can infer they’re terrible. At any time, inspiration may come to you and you’ll find yourself up at 2 AM or conversely, dragging yourself through a slow afternoon. The upside is, when...

A child uses adaptive equipment to ski with the help of a Wasatch Adaptive Sports Volunteer

Abbie from the Wasatch Adaptive Sports team here, reporting for duty as a guest blogger for our friends at Canyon Services! As a nonprofit organization based at Snowbird and a member of the vibrant and incredibly supportive Little Cottonwood Canyon community, I’m excited to share...


Nocturnal wanderings are the stuff of Thoreau and special operations. The senses come alive. Smell is more acute. Some plants are known to be more fragrant in the early morning, attracting the early bird as it were. And sound, of course, also comes to you in...

Summit Congestion

Spring is here and Snowbird is still running the Tram, Chickadee and Little Cloud for a couple more weeks! So, don't pack it in yet and come to Snowbird to make more turns.

Summer in Little Cottonwood Canyon is magical! Our snowy mountains transform from a skiers paradise into a mecca for hiking, biking, rock climbing and amazing festivals and events.

Spring at Alta

Spring time at Alta and Snowbird is awesome! We just enjoyed a number of bluebird days soaking up the sunshine and now the snow is falling. My fireplace is glowing and I'm so excited to be enjoying another winter day and the forecast is calling for snow over the next five days.