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New Stories from Utah's Wasatch Moutains

Welcome to Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah’s world-famous mountain destination. Canyon Services has managed properties in this special place since 1985. Our Alta Snowbird Blog is dedicated to documenting the many amazing stories of Little Cottonwood Canyon. When planning your trip to Utah, be sure to see what’s happening at Alta Snowbird. 

The race had all the trappings of a major mountain bike venue. Pro sponsors tents, local bike shops, expensive bikes, sculpted helmets and every accoutrement known to riders, including glasses worth more than your blogger’s car. 

Emma Ridge, Little Cottonwood Canyon

The ski season is finally over. No more false alarms. Aside from a dedicated group of hiker/skiers walking their boards up Wildcat last week even the diehards have given up the white ghost till fall. While there’s snow on the peaks and across swaths of upper slopes protected from the afternoon sun, you’ll have to search for it if you plan get in even a few turns.  

Spot the Human

Well, the ski season is finally over. Wait, that’s a horrible lie. True, the lifts are shut, even Snowbird’s limited weekend offerings. But for those of us still in the canyon there’s plenty of snow under your alpine touring skis. And if you’re lucky enough to...

“Alta in April started to encourage people to keep skiing throughout the spring. The sun is shining, the base is deep and there are fun activities throughout the spring. It is such a fun time to be at Alta. Everyone is outside, people are wearing...

You know that feeling of peace, calm and overwhelming joy on a Powder Day? The feeling that all is right with the world and you are one with mother nature. Climate change is effecting how many of those we see in our ski season and it's...