Changes continue to happen at everyone’s favorite bird. This summer saw the biggest changes to the Snowbird center since construction was completed in the early seventies. Most prominently and obvious to returning skiers this upcoming season is the three-span foot bridge connecting The Cliff Lodge with the center. Long overdue, it will allow access between them without sliding your way across Chickadee run while simultaneously dodging beginners.

Styl Bridge.

Bridge under construction.

Also key for skier convenience is the bridge connecting the center with Peruvian lift. No longer will you have to cross the dreaded Chickadee gauntlet and then skate up to the lift or walk all the way around in the face of boarders and skiers making their way back to the tram.

Bridge lift construction.

Other changes at the bird: The Snowbird plaza is now expanded to better accommodate big events like Gear Fest and Oktoberfest. Inside this equates to more indoor space on the main floor adjacent to Tram Car Pizza and the Mountain School. Also clutch in these times of changing weather patterns, another snowmaking water line was installed over the summer beside Gadzoom which compliments the line installed in Peruvian Gulch last year. Snow on demand, a great thing.

Oktoberfest setup.

Snowmaking waterline.

Thankfully, other things remain reliably consistent. Oktoberfest is in full swing and running through October 21st every weekend noon to 6:30PM. Voted one of America’s top 10, with more space on the plaza, there’s even more room to take in music, a brat and of course limitless amounts of Utah’s best brews.