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It’s still spring and there’s still snow (if you want it that is). Unbelievably, the mountains delivered another foot of fresh last week, thus extending the white just a little bit closer to summer’s official start. Your correspondent continues to make tracks here and there across Alta and Snowbird, the latter having opened uphill travel a few weeks ago. Right now the mountain is the perfect mix of a little skiing here or there and trail hiking. It remains important to keep safe from a health standpoint and Canyon Services is here to help by providing private accommodations in the [...]

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Safety at Alta

Canyon Blog spent an afternoon chatting with Alta safety director Dave Richards in his office. During the lull in skiing that’s struck the nation there was time to be shared. In a canyon populated by transplants, Dave’s the rare local born and bred, not just in Utah but the canyon itself. He grew up at Alta where his dad was a ski patroller for three decades and his mother an employee at The Rustler lodge. He was a pro skier for a time in his youth before working as a heli skiing guide until he eventually found himself skiing his [...]

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Well, it’s happened. So much snow we had to shut the canyon and both Snowbird and Alta for two days. Snowbird has recorded a whopping 409” so far with Alta right behind (It’s still a mystery to your correspondent how the down canyon resort ends up with greater snowfall, but no matter) and skiable bases of over 12 feet. Forty-eight hours of snowfall delivered 34 inches of white. For the past two days those of us in the canyon haven’t moved, and that’s a literal interpretation. Safety officials, in conjunction with both resorts, maintained a strict interlodge for Thursday and [...]

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An Interview with Snowbird General Manager Dave Fields

Canyon Blog: Congratulations on the ascension to Snowbird’s loftiest position. When did that happen? Dave Fields: Thank you. It’s been two years now. CB: I’m not exactly Mister Current Affairs. Tell us a little about yourself. DF: Well, I’m married with two teens and grew up in the canyon, living in the Rustler Lodge actually. My dad worked in Alta for 30 years. I studied journalism at the U and initially worked in Park City. Then I got hired by Snowbird in 2000 as assistant public relations director. CB: Did you know you wanted to stay here or aspire to [...]

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It’s that time of year here in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Snowbird’s tribute to beer and all things German has begun in earnest now that Oktoberfest is in full swing. Every weekend from noon to 6 PM through October 20th you can unpack your lederhosen and dirndl and pull last year’s steins off the shelf. With a quick dusting and a wash, you’re ready. Snowbird’s fest differs from the original in Munich which extends only two and a half weeks from late September through the first October weekend, whereas ours covers ten full weekends of Deutsch tradition fused with Utah mountains. As [...]

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Mountain Orchids

Recently your correspondent spent a rainy day hiking Peruvian Gulch and Cirque Ridge, mostly trying to resolve a writing quandary but also because rain keeps fellow hikers to a minimum and allows you to enjoy popular trails. There’s also something about rainy hikes that draws your attention to subjects that don’t normally capture your attention and a few minutes into the hike the consternation was forgotten. It was in this particular frame of mind that Canyon Blog repeatedly crossed paths with his favorite alpine flower of all, the Colorado Columbine. The rain, light and contrast against a dewy backdrop made [...]

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The Epicurean Alchemists of Alta

This month your blogger had the wonderful opportunity to experience dining at its finest at Little Cottonwood’s only stand-alone restaurant, The Shallow Shaft. And what a restaurant it is, as both an institution unto itself and constant pursuer of culinary perfection. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Originally a ski repair shop, it has served up dishes in its current incarnation for 51 years and gets its name from the miner’s phrase for grabbing beer and grub and repairing for the evening in what they termed taking a “shallow shaft.” Now it’s a premier dining experience destination. You wouldn’t think a [...]

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Bullwinkle Gets the Girl

Spring may be when a young man’s fancy turns to love, but up here at tree line if you’re a moose it’s fall. Canyon Blog managed to capture local bachelor and amorous ungulate Bullwinkle in action with the help of remote equipment and local photographer Zach Spilinek last week. As we headed up Albion Basin to film a speedwing flight (subject for a future blog) Bullwinkle came ambling up slope. This is not necessarily a good thing as rut sends bulls into a particularly unstable state of mind, making prediction of what happens next anything but a sure bet. It [...]

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An afternoon with Wasatch Adaptive Sports

If you’ve called the Reservations Team of Canyon Services within the last few years, there’s a good chance that you’ve spoken with Meagan.  What most folks don’t know, however, is that while she grew up in Salt Lake, hiking and skiing our beautiful mountains, she hasn’t been able to go out and enjoy these active pursuits for a few years, due to a chronic, invisible illness which drastically changed Meagan’s life a few years back.  After Canyon Services’ blog featured Wasatch Adaptive Sports last August and again in February, Meagan decided to give them a call for herself and see if they could [...]

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Friends in High Places (sort of)

One of the things about being a writer is the hours. By that you can infer they’re terrible. At any time, inspiration may come to you and you’ll find yourself up at 2 AM or conversely, dragging yourself through a slow afternoon. The upside is, when it’s time for a fall hike or to ski some lines, one can slam the laptop closed and walk out the door. If you’re in Alta, opening that door delivers you to the mountains. It’s unavoidable really. This afternoon your correspondent set out to climb the south ridge of Mount Superior and gain some distance from [...]

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