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Woo Hoo!

Your loyal blogger made his first formal assessment of the season’s potential by investigating Alta on the morning of December 2nd. First the vital statistics. No crowds. Plenty of groomers. Supreme isn’t open yet and many of the steeper routes like High Rustler and Ballroom are closed. Many other slopes are still on the receiving end Alta Ski Patrol bombs. Nothing says winter quite like a hand tossed explosion at 25,000 feet per second. Except perhaps the Howitzers… Canyon Services is open for business and our luxurious homes in the Village of Sugarplum as well as other condos are [...]


New York Times Bestseller – Alone at Dawn

**UPDATE** Alone at Dawn is now a New York Times Bestseller It’s not widely known that your loyal Canyon Blog blogger has an actual (or perhaps secret) identity as Dan Schilling, author.  Improbable but true. My forthcoming book, Alone at Dawn tells the story of the first US Air Force Medal of Honor recipient in nearly half a century and is available through your favorite book seller June 25th. John Chapman was killed in Afghanistan in 2002 saving the lives of 23 comrades but launched a legacy that reaches across the country until this day through his heroism and as a member [...]


60 Feet and Father’s Day

Canyon blog was skinning upslope below Baldy on a pleasant morning enjoying the remnants of our 700+ inch year when father and son ski team Greg and Luke Steele slid past having just come out of the main Baldy chute and dropping onto the apron. Both parties stopped to exchange hellos. You don’t see an abundance of kids doing AT skiing and chutes with dad, so your correspondent reached into his investigative journalist tool bag to interrogate the teen. Canyon Blog: “Is this your only sport?” Luke (age 14): “No. I like road biking.” CB: “That’s not a real sport, [...]


The Gift That Keeps on Giving… 2019 Storm Cycle

The 2019 season just won’t quit, and on the advice of your correspondent, neither should you. Another week, another monster storm, 42 inches. On top of that, the temps were down so it’s been nonstop pow. Canyon Blog lapped this little gem three times after it opened before any other tracks appeared. Don’t be jealous, be mobile. Book a flight and a Canyon Services property and get out here. More snow’s on the way. Alta is open two more weeks through April 28th. And Snowbird plans to keep the tram open till May 12th. The alternative is to leave all [...]


22 Hours; 22 Inches

It’s that time of year. And it’s one of those seasons. Yesterday was arguably one of the best powder days of 2019. As usual, Canyon Blog was in the snow to report the action for you, the loyal Canyon Services lodger. To say the snow was spectacular would be an understatement. Two feet of sugary goodness in one day was complimented by the mere handful of people in line at Alta. Your correspondent hoped to cover Snowbird as well, in the interests of full coverage, but the gates between the resorts were closed. Too much powder. Alternatively, he planned to capture [...]


Lift Lines of Little Cottonwood

Your correspondent, ever alert on behalf of his loyal readers, ventured forth today to determine the impact of spring break on lift lines. Given that we’re in mid-break for colleges around the country Canyon Blog tempered his expectations with the internal voice of reason. Only to discover, lo, there weren’t any. Lift lines or reason for that matter. So, here for your planning pleasure and travel temperament are the chairlift conditions encountered beginning at 1200 on March 19th via photo montage. Favorite of the day for your writer? Had to be rapid fire laps on Alta’s Supreme, though Little Cloud [...]


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

You’d think that headline was a holdover from Christmas but it isn’t. Right now is still early season but with great snow and no midweek crowds. Yesterday’s fresh 12 inches and today’s additional foot plus of powder are just the beginning. Tonight and tomorrow promise another foot of fallen. So here’s the question: Do you really need to keep that dentist appointment next week? Regarding work and that “all important” meeting that’s anchoring your entire week, why not conference call in with your inputs? Do it from Alf’s restaurant or the summit at Snowbird. They’ll never know. Better yet, [...]


The Weather Outside is Frightful (soon!)

The season is truly upon us. While we’re not at 100 inches of base yet (both the Bird and Alta are claiming just under four feet), snow is on the way. Your correspondent shouldered the heavy burden of skiing every lift open in the canyon (okay, not Chickadee) to provide you, his loyal readers, a comprehensive assessment going into this holiday season. Happy to say Supreme is up and running, though Catherine’s may leave a mark and require a bit of P-tex if one’s not careful. Groomers and moguls are already looking good with adequate coverage at hand across the [...]


Dateline November 19, 2018, Alta

Your correspondent was standing idly in the lower Alta parking lot packing up his speedwing after flying from Cardiff Peak when Mike Maughan, Alta Ski Lift general manager, drove up to say hello. Thinking quickly, Canyon Blog produced his press credentials (valid only in Little Cottonwood Canyon) and requested a no notice interview. To Mike’s credit (with three days till opening he’s an extremely busy individual) he agreed to meet at his office tantalizingly close to the Collins lift that could be seen running from the far end of the parking lot. It was then yours truly, using the best [...]


Oktoberfest (In October!)

In Little Cottonwood residents often refer to Snowbird’s tribute to beer and German cuisine as Augustfest, given that the festival begins in mid-summer (Aug 18th) and occupies every weekend from noon to 6 PM through October 21st. This differs from the original in Munich which extends only two and a half weeks from late September through the first October weekend. One of the secrets unshared (but now revealed here as a worldwide release) is that the best weekends at Snowbird’s festival are those that take place in the actual month of October. If you can pick a cool day [...]