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Building Bridges at Snowbird

Changes continue to happen at everyone’s favorite bird. This summer saw the biggest changes to the Snowbird center since construction was completed in the early seventies. Most prominently and obvious to returning skiers this upcoming season is the three-span foot bridge connecting The Cliff Lodge with the center. Long overdue, it will allow access between them without sliding your way across Chickadee run while simultaneously dodging beginners. Also key for skier convenience is the bridge connecting the center with Peruvian lift. No longer will you have to cross the dreaded Chickadee gauntlet and then skate up to the lift or [...]


Alta’s Open

Mooses, music and Flowers As previously noted in this space, Alta is running Sunnyside lift Saturdays, Sundays and holidays through September 3rd. On Saturdays music is on the patio at the Albion Grill and where parking is always free. Canyon Blog stepped into the scene to sample the music, capture a few photos of wildlife and flora and grab a beer. The weather was cooperative. For your correspondent that equates to some drizzle to keep the crowds and dust down on the trail. After hopping on the chairlift to experience a leisurely ascent (the only time this skier will [...]


Welcome to the new Albion Basin

This month your blogger met with Alta’s new (and second ever) marketing director, Brandon Ott. Brandon’s been on the job for a couple months now and we sat down to discuss the big changes in the works. Of these there were many. For the first time in Alta’s 80-year history they’re running a summer lift for hikers and families to enjoy and gain access to Albion Basin. “Albion Basin has been over loved and our plan is intended to encourage responsible hiking while maintaining the basin’s pristine condition,” he stated when we met at his office June 12th. Running Sunnyside [...]


Father and Son Outing

With spring skiing comes the opportunity for bonding outside the normal family work/school routine drag. This week your correspondent chanced upon a pleasant duo in the form of Larry and his son Jack, enjoying a stay in a Canyon Services property and taking advantage of the full spectrum of spring terrain and sunshine. Larry is a literary agent from the Big Apple and wanted fifteen-year-old Jack to experience the best mountain resort skiing in the country, so naturally they wound up in Little Cottonwood Canyon with direct ski access to Snowbird and Alta. Canyon Blog agreed to join in and [...]


Spring (without the masses), a technical report

One of the wonderful things about writing a web log is the visual aspects. As a writer, one tends to emphasize words, but this space is about skiing, the mountains and locals, transferred from your correspondent to you, loyal readers. And those subjects are to be experienced, first-hand to be fully enjoyed. It’s the reason you read this space at all. For this installment, Canyon Blog went out one spring afternoon and rode every lift between Snowbird and Alta, to gauge the average wait time and crowd density on your behalf. It was a daunting and tough assignment, but [...]


Crushing it with Wasatch Adaptive Sports

Canyon Blog spent the day with Wasatch Adaptive Sports, Utah’s premier adaptive program for winter and summer sports , where he had the honor of working with Jonathon Blank on a mono ski. Jonathon is a Utah resident and combat medically retired Marine from Force Recon. He was pretty much a kick ass guy before he retired, when his injuries from combat put him on a different course, specifically, on Snowbird ski runs and where he definitely still kicks ass. Turns out the Marine, who’d only ever skied twice before his injuries, and has received instruction from WAS only twice, is [...]



It finally hit. Last night the storm rolled in, crept might be a better description, seeping up the canyon like water flowing uphill. By 9PM there was no doubt it had arrived. Visibility zero, temperatures a comfortable 25, wind negligible. By 5AM it was interlodge in Canyon Services country. But the best news (if you were renting a vacation home in the village or one of our other properties) was when Highway 210 shutdown for three hours in the morning. Why is that? Because by first lift we’d already had 15” at Alta and 16” at Snowbird (Canyon Blog can [...]


A Day With Pro Skier JT Holmes

Canyon Blog had the opportunity to spend time with the world-renowned skier, ski-BASE and airborne sport pioneer. In town for a corporate leadership event at Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge, he gave an inspiring keynote on the challenges and joys of a life in professional extreme sports. For an hour he held 140 attendees spellbound, before being feted at the Aerie afterwards. Your correspondent tagged along, not so much for JT’s stories (I know all of them) but for the free drinks and festive atmosphere at Snowbird's classiest bar. The next morning, moving slightly slower than usual, we met at Snowbird for [...]


Alta After Dark

At night they came, girded for battle and invading the town’s only “designated” (for what slope in Alta isn’t its own, self-contained shrine?) place of worship, Our Lady of the Snows. Surely the fiercest combatants to inhabit Alta and enter its coliseum, to compete in the town’s premiere gladiatorial event. Your correspondent wisely stood far back in the wild crowd, observing safely from the perimeter. The first two gladiators approached the ring, eyeing daggers at one another, hoping to gain the upper hand before the battle commenced. Seated, they nodded cordially enough, but when the official referee turned them loose, it [...]


The New Supreme

Ride Alta's Newest Chairlift December 23rd saw the opening of Alta’s newest chairlift, the revamped Supreme chair. Your correspondent was present on behalf of skiers everywhere with an interest in what exactly the new lift was going to do, and not do. Given the dearth of snowfall so far this season, the heavy (okay, moderate, but we’re working with slim numbers to date in 2017/18) snowfall was an auspicious portent. Over a foot fell and Canyon Blog took the opportunity to visit the new lift late in the afternoon when the skiers had thinned out, which turned out to be an [...]