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Check-in Packet

On this page you will find:
Check In & Out Instructions
Directions to Your Unit

Early & Late Evening Arrival Information
Of Note
Grocery Shuttle Information
Upon Checkout, please...
Need a Ride?
Snowed out of the Canyon?
Arrival & Grocery Store Map

Check In & Out Instructions & Directions to Your Unit
Check In is 4 pm or later on your arrival date. Check Out is 10 am or earlier on your departure date.
Click on the link below for the complex or home where you are staying. Also, please check the Check In Packet that we emailed directly to you as it has valuable information about your unit, specifically.
Powder Ridge
The Meadows- Glen Hame Home
Blackjack Ridge Homes
Sugarplum Townhouses
Superior Point
Village at Sugarplum
Hellgate Condos
Fort House

Early & Late Evening Arrival Information
Early Arrivals | We understand that you are excited to begin your vacation and you want it to be perfect. Please allow our staff time to get your rental cleaned properly by observing our check-in time. Your vacation rental property is scheduled to be ready for occupancy beginning at 4:00 PM. You may inquire about early check-in on the day of your arrival at 801-742-3880 but remember that it is not always possible to grant such requests. If you wish to pay for a guaranteed early check-in before your arrival date, and the property is available, we can sometimes accommodate you. Please call the reservations office at 800-562-2888 for details. 
Late Arrivals | If you arrive after the Operations Office, located at the Village at Sugarplum, closes for the evening, (usually between 5 - 6 PM) please call the night manager. Here are important phone numbers for your check-in:
Operations Office: 801-742-3880
Village at Sugarplum, Superior Townhouses, Superior Point and the Meadows: 801-742-3880
Powder Ridge: 801-742-2624
Hellgate Condominiums: 801-742-2020

Of Note
All of our homes and condos are non-smoking. Smoking in a unit will result in smoke extraction charges and a minimum cleaning charge of at least $200 but not to exceed $1500.

Please remember that these homes and condos are privately owned. Please treat them with respect. 

During the winter season, it is required that you have at least 2 (two) days of groceries per person, due to heavy winter storms and possible road closures. There is ONLY a small convenience store in the canyon at Snowbird.

Grocery Shuttle Information (WInter Season Only)
A Grocery Shuttle is available by calling 801-933-2492 to make a reservation. This is a same day service. This shuttle will take you to Smith's Grocery Store at the base of the canyon. Any fees will be quoted to you when you call to make a reservation.

Upon Check Out, please...

  • Leave all used towels in the bathroom on the floor
  • Collect all trash in the bags provided and leave it in the kitchen on the floor
  • Fill and start the dishwasher
  • Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked
  • Ensure everything is turned off (TV's, lights. etc)
  • Return the keys to the office 
  • Double check for all of your belongings. We cannot be responsible for items left behind - though we will try to return them if they are found. We will let you know cost of postage for shipment.

Need a Ride?
If you have last minute shuttle needs - you may call Canyon Transportation for assistance. Their number is (800) 255-1841. You can also make last minute changes with them for previously arranged shuttles. 

If you need a ride within the canyon in the evening - call the Ride Desk at (801) 933-2492.

The free Alta Town Shuttle (also known as the Alta Bypass Shuttle) can be reached by calling (801) 301-0122 during the day.

Snowed out the Canyon? (Winter Season Only)
If you arrive in Salt Lake City, during the winter season, and the canyon is closed, the Sandy Hampton Inn is a convenient option for overnight lodging. Canyon Services Guests can get a special rate for a King or Double Queen Room, which includes breakfast. Hotel address: 10690 S Holiday Park Dr. Sandy, UT, 84070. Only a 30 minute drive up to Alta and Snowbird.

Arrival & Grocery ​Store Map