Cottonwood Canyon Massage offers the guests of Little Cottonwood a massage epxerince right in thier vacation rental! They are traveling massage therapists trained to work with skiiers and snowboarders offering therapeutic massage that flushes your body to make it feel good for your next day on the slopes. Celebrating their 8th season they are thriving business becasue of their attention to their clients, employees and thier wholistic approach to body work – serving the mind, body and spirit. When you have Cottonwood Canyon Massage come to your vacation rental you can expect: expceptional body work from professionals with 10+ years of experince, tools to help you get back out on the slopes to enjoy your vacation and top notch service!

The owners, Dwyer and Karma, met as students at the Myotherapy College of Utah and they are both outdoor and body work enthusiasts – they live thier passions! In 2006 they started Cottonwood Canyon Massage to assist the skiers of Alta and Snowbird in maintaining body wellness. These two walk the walk – in their spare time they are exploring our mountains, skiing, snowboarding, camping and learning about thier craft. Through Cottonwood Canyon Massage they have created, and continue to create, lives that they love and this translates into the body work they offer thier clients.

The therapists who work with Cottonwood Canyon Massage have been lisenced massage therapists for atleast 10 years and are established in the Salt Lake Valley through individual private practices. They are trained, by Dwyer and Karma, to serve the specialized mountain loving clientel of Alta and Snowbird and how to optimize your massage for the best results. Their therapists specialize in many ares of massage including (and not limited to): neuromuscular therapy, structural integration, deep tissue, sports massage, and craniosacral therapy. Their goal is to give you an amazing massage and the tools to get a sore body back on the slopes enjoying your vacation! At the bottom of this blog you’ll find helpful stretches for having fun on slopes.

Dwyer and Karma pride themselves on the care they take of both thier clients and therapists. They listen to the client and offer a wholistic approach to treamtment, incorporating mind, body and spirit. They are comitted to taking very good care of their massage therapists, through scheduling and pay. Thier therapists are the highest paid from the Cottonwood Canyons all the way over to Park City. Being massage therapists themselves, they know how important it is to pay their staff well and take good care of them, because in turn their staff takes great care of thier clients! As Dwyer would say, “It’s all energy work”!

Dwyer and I talked a lot about how important it is to give tools to clients to help them enjoy thier vacation! When it comes to snow sports something important to know is that the hip flexors and quad muscles become very tight which creates and anterior pelvic tilt, which can create problems in the low back and can put somone in a vulnerable position to tear an ACL. So, it is important to open up the hip flexors and the quad muscles when on your ski vacation.

Here are two helpful stretches you can do on your vacation to open up your quads and hips and enjoy skiing and boarding all day long. If you need more help, book a massage!

Quad Stretch against a wall.

Stretch the Quads | Standing on one foot, draw your belly button tward your spine (to engage your core), allow your tail bone to descend toward the floor, and draw your heel to buttock, switch sides.

Make sure to do this when you body is warm – cold muscles do not stretch well

Lunge stretch.

Stretch the Hip Flexor and Psoas Muscle | Standing on both knees, place your right foot on the floor in front of you, place your hands on your knee and press your hips forward, breath for a few breaths (whatever feels good) and switch sides. Make sure the keep your knee inline with your ankle and your core engaged so that you do not put stress on your lower back.

Make sure to do this when you body is warm – cold muscles do not stretch well.