Now that the snow is flying, it’s time to choose how you want to either get your gear to the slopes or the best way to rent it. Here are some helpful tips to make your choice and have the least amount of hassle on your Utah Ski Vacation!

Ship It

This a great option so that you don’t have to haul your gear from the airport to your vacation rental. UPS Ground, DHL, and FedEx all ship to Alta and you can use standard bag sizes—ski (12in x 8in x 74/80in) or snowboard (14in x 9.4in x 67/72in) when you’re printing your labels. You’ll have to guess on weight (probably anywhere from 8lb to up to 25lb). Luggage Forward, specializes in shipping sports gear and FedEx has a Ship Your Gear program you can sign up for to get up to 16% off. Each services offers overnight, two-, three-, five-, and seven-day shipping, so plan accordingly – the more time you give yourself to ship the more money you’ll save!

Rent It

This option gives you flexibility with changing ski conditions, allows you the try out the latest equipment and you don’t have to worry about hauling your equipment or making sure it arrived after shipping. Some things to think about with this option: having to get used to the feel of something new underfoot, accepting that you might not love everything you try, and the time it takes to complete your rental.

At Canyon Services we have a relationship with A.J. Motion Sports for gear rental delivery service which saves our guests time. Or if you want to go into the store you can get a discount on your gear for being a Canyon Services guest!

Map of Ski Gear shops.

Mix and Match

Some gear is really personal and you know it fits you perfectly, so consider bringing that and renting the rest! This works well with bringing your own ski boots (if you have them) and renting skis.

Happy skiing, friends! We’re excited to see you at Alta Ski Area and Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort this season!