Your correspondent, ever alert on behalf of his loyal readers, ventured forth today to determine the impact of spring break on lift lines. Given that we’re in mid-break for colleges around the country Canyon Blog tempered his expectations with the internal voice of reason.

Only to discover, lo, there weren’t any. Lift lines or reason for that matter.

Baldy express ski lift.

Sugarloaf ski lift.

So, here for your planning pleasure and travel temperament are the chairlift conditions encountered beginning at 1200 on March 19th via photo montage. Favorite of the day for your writer? Had to be rapid fire laps on Alta’s Supreme, though Little Cloud was a close second because you can shoot straight onto the chair when no one is there.

Supreme ski lift line and station.

Little Cloud ski lift station.

Join us for the best no-line, high-base (in what may be a Little Cottonwood first, both resorts are reporting exactly the same number: 148”), warm weather and mountain view skiing and boarding in the western hemisphere. Plenty of time this season with March barely half gone and huge April snows yet to come on top of 500 inches so far.

Mineral Basin ski lift.

Sunnyside ski lift station.