In the winter the sun dips behind the mountains and evening can be long. A good book always helps me get through the long nights, until the sun comes up and I can get outside to play again.

If you’re stuck working this winter or, heaven forbid, in a place without snow why not at least read some tales of winter enjoyment. From fiction to fact, this list of 33 books has some great reads on it. Let us us know what you think of these books in the comments.

Here are the three we’re most excited about…

50 Classic Ski Decents of North America by Chris Davenport, Art Burrows and Penn Newhard | This book will take you on adventure through North America to the most amazing skiing and classic lines.

A Farewell to Skiing by Kurt Larson | A skiing adventure with evocative settings in Switzerland and the Scottish Highlands will captivate you with its two strands as it brings together two loves, one for a fun-loving English girl, the other for a piquant Scottish girl.

Snow Tales and Powder Trails: Adventures on Skis by Steve Baldwin | A collection of short stories and photographs, telling of a lifetime journey through snowy lands and mountains, using skis as a mode of transport and artistic medium.