We recently had the opportunity to chat with Ezralea Robbins the Founder and Manager of Mountainside Spa in Alta, Utah. Through her innovation, thirst for knowledge and her drive to create amazing spa experiences she has seen her operation in Alta grow from three spa rooms at Alta’s Rustler Lodge to creating and managing spa experiences at three lodges in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Through the management of these three spas Mountainside Spa was created.

Ez, as she is known, has been in the spa business for 20 years and has been managing the Rustler Lodge Spa for 8 years. She sees three major keys to her success. First, create the presence of a spa, she hired a receptionist to greet guests and offer free mini treatments. Second, offer treatments that are worth more than what the guest is paying. Third, take the whole business online – she embraced technology to allow guests book through multiple avenues.

Mountainside Spa offers a diverse spa menu from massages to body wraps and facials. Their most requested treatment is the Hot Stone Massage with Sore Muscle Therapy. The menu is geared to guest needs and how much time you wish to spend. Each massage is customized to the guest and there is communication throughout the treatment. They also offer many addons that are available for every treatment – so you can create a custom treatment!

Knowing all of this, my next question was – “Where should I book my treatment?” And here is how she spoke about each of her locations…

The Rustler Lodge Spa is pure luxury, where heaven and earth meet. Guests can go from their spa treatment to the heated pool, Jacuzzi, to the steam room and the dry sauna. The whole spa floor is available to spa guests. One thing to know, due to demand, out of house guest appointments are not accepted after 4 pm.

At the Goldminder’s Spa you’ll find a calming ambiance, with an indoor hot tub and dry sauna. This spa accommodates local clientele and they can serve outside guests at anytime – even after 4 pm. Daily from 12 to 3 pm guests can enjoy a chair massage in the cafe!

The Snowpine Spa has a small hot tub to enjoy before or after your treatment and just one spa room, for now. They cater mostly to inhouse guests, due to the size of the spa.

Because of the relationship that Canyon Services has created with Mountainside Spa they now offer our Canyon Services guests $20 towards a treatment between 10 am and 2 pm at any of their locations! To take Ez up on this amazing offer use the code located on the fridge in your condo.

Mountainside Spa and Ez stand by their services. If your treatment does not meet or exceed your expectations, Ez will pay for the it and choose another therapist to give you another treatment. This commitment doesn’t stop with the guest – she will then go to the therapist and go through training to ensure that they have what they need to offer amazing experiences that Ez can stand behind. So you see, she is not only committed to the guest, but also to her staff.

Mountainside Spa is expanding and growing in bookings and throughout the canyon!

Going into the 2014-2015 season, the Rustler Lodge Spa has is celebrating a major spa expansion now with 4 dedicated spa rooms, an indoor and out door hot tub and a dry sauna – all new! Add those to the heated outdoor pool and the eucalyptus steam room and you’re in for a real treat! During peak season they are booked solid with a waiting list and through her innovations, Ez sees a 15% increase in business annually.

Four years ago she was given the opportunity to take over the Goldminer’s Daughter Spa and using the same techniques, creating spa presence, training and putting it all on online she was able to increase sales by 30%. The Snowpine asked for her services 3 years ago and with one spa room she is creating more demand and will hopefully be able to expand in the near future.

In this new incarnation Mountainside Spa is a management and staffing company in spa services. Ezralea knows now how to go into new places and open up a thriving business. As with anything that one begins, this shift that has come in phases – her passion is in training and learning. She hires out what she is not good at, a very smart move, and surrounds herself with people who are passionate about the spa industry. She has seen the industry change and grow – and she not afraid to learn and try new things! Her goal is create sustainable jobs – not just seasonal employment. She is working to create growth and a location in the Salt Lake Valley where she can keep staff year round and provide ongoing training for her already amazing therapists.

We enjoyed sitting down with Ez and we know that you will enjoy a treatment with Mountainside Spa!