Skier jumping.

The past 36 hours have been a wild ride in Little Cottonwood. Avalanche control and road conditions were driving factors for many. But if you were lucky enough to be interlodged yesterday the winter storm experience was something spectacular. Just one of those “It’s going to be 6-9 inches in the canyon” days that shuts everything down. Yeah


Expecting to find the few inches on the doorstep yesterday morning your correspondent was confronted with 3+ feet. Digging out this morning to catch the first Alta chairs took longer than expected. Arriving at Wildcat and Collins he was confronted with several hundred likeminded first chair powder addicts. Seems the road opening at 0830 opened the flood gates.

No matter. Wildcat bowl and Westward Ho were open and Canyon Blog encountered a crew of no named semi pros or perhaps hopefuls with their cameraman, and so joined the aerial fun.

Switching to Snowbird after

lunch when Peruvian opened proved worthwhile as first tracks in the gulch were fantastic. The chair ride up was shared with two first-time to LCC New Yorkers who kindly asked about similar storm frequency. Canyon Blog’s reply, “Oh, well, not often. Once a month maybe.” Did your correspondent feel bad about misleading such a nice couple? Without answering, it’s safe to say they’re returning home armed with a pretty cool story and perspective.

Sometimes dishonesty is the best policy.

Skier and photographer in the snow.