It finally hit. Last night the storm rolled in, crept might be a better description, seeping up the canyon like water flowing uphill. By 9PM there was no doubt it had arrived. Visibility zero, temperatures a comfortable 25, wind negligible. By 5AM it was interlodge in Canyon Services country. But the best news (if you were renting a vacation home in the village or one of our other properties) was when Highway 210 shutdown for three hours in the morning.

Why is that? Because by first lift we’d already had 15” at Alta and 16” at Snowbird (Canyon Blog can never figure out how it is that the higher resort always has lower accumulation. A mystery for sure…). And even after lunch, there were no crowds. Empty chairs and no lines. No kidding, it was like 1963 or something.Fresh snow on the ground and trees.

So here, attached for your viewing pleasure, are your correspondent’s runs from across Alta on Presidents Day, normally one of crushing humanity and lift lines. A shot from within Catherine’s. Another from Wildcat. And finally, finally, a shot from the other side of Westward Ho gate dropping into Snowbird. The first time the gate’s been open this year.

Snowy trees.

Besides the photos showing first track runs from across the entire Albian Basin and into Blackjack ridge, see if you can identify the common theme, or lack thereof. If you get it right, and find your correspondent at the Sitzmark or Peruvian Bar, he’ll gladly buy you a round.

Snowy hills.