The race had all the trappings of a major mountain bike venue. Pro sponsors tents, local bike shops, expensive bikes, sculpted helmets and every accoutrement known to riders, including glasses worth more than your blogger’s car.

In the race heat your blogger was most interested in the competitive animal was much in display. Jockeying for starting position, and the all-important “key hole shot” out of the gate, the racers were intimidating, even viewed from safely behind the barriers. There was no way Canyon Blog was getting in the ring with these race warriors. Of course everyone in the “Lil Shredder’s” heat was younger than 10. But don’t be fooled, these kids meant to kill.

Actually, the true spirit of the day was a good time. The I-Cup Rage at Snowbird was a well-run, and high-spirited way to start Independence Day weekend. Race director Joel Rockham reported 200 registered racers and it was obvious the families and kids enjoyed themselves. With two decades plus under its belt it promises a continued great ride.

Bike Shredder.

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Cool Air Concerts

Tonight the cool air live music series continues at 7 PM with headliner Head for the Hills, an eclectic four-piece band, with Scott Rogers opening at 6 PM. The temperatures are perfect and the crowds aren’t excessive so make the drive. On July 16th Buckwheat Zydeco headlines. Your blogger’s seen this high-energy machine in New Orleans and Portland, OR and they’re not to be missed.

Come on up for a beer or a meal (coolers are welcome) and escape the heat and congestion of the valley. Take your independence to a cooler level. Get it?