2016/17 Ski Season Concludes

Skiers on the Luge Run.

The last day of Utah’s ski season concluded today. Under extremely windy conditions the fashion blind took to the slopes for a final outing and celebration. Little Cloud was the only thing running, with the “snake” making its appearance off Road to Provo as a (mostly) patient crowd waited for their turn. Seeking to capture the action, your correspondent bailed out halfway through the luge style run when he encountered possibly the most egregious outfits on the slope.

Three skiers in costumes.

Three guys going by the names of Alex “Big” Bertha (wearing a disturbingly short set of lederhosen), Cammy Whammy, and James (who apparently doesn’t rate a nick name) readily agreed to pose for a shot. Itself a disturbing development, but it was the last day of the season. Sorry ladies, only Cammy Whammy is available.

Turning his thoughts to a cold beer with the image of the three amigos still burning in the retinas, Canyon Blog chose to ski and hike down from Hidden Peak in lieu of the tram. Halfway down, as your correspondent stood poised at the top of Think Young, contemplating a dash across the moose pond below, he was saved by the only other skier in Peruvian Gulch. Sam Roberts from Draper stopped and the two of us shared a reflective moment. Falling victim to the power of suggestion, Sam agreed to make the attempt if the event were captured on film by a professional journalist. Nearly made it.


Leaving young Sam to drain his boots, Canyon Blog hiked the final distance to the Bird for Brewfest 2017. Finding CEO Bob Bonar along with a very pleasant employee by the name of Marion manning the beer perimeter was a pleasant surprise. But there was precious little time to spare on corporate niceties; beer was in the air. In the interests of wishing to provide readers of this space with comprehensive reporting, Canyon Blog diligently made the rounds. So here’s the report: Plenty of choices for every palate.

Brewfest crowd.

The following should not be construed as an endorsement, but Epic Brewing of Salt Lake stood out. Their new Utah Session Series, incorporating both Salt Lake Lager and Mountain Ale were outstanding. Wyatt, one of Epic’s founding brewers, and a guy going solely by the single name of Kluh, as if he were Indonesian, were manning the booth and making friends. Hard not to, passing out beer. According to a clue provided by Kluh, Epic’s secret is… “Small batch brewing and that gives us the opportunity to be agile and creative.” No argument from this column. If you guys use this for promotion purposes a free case is expected, but again, no pressure or official endorsement implied…

Epic Brewing booth brewers.

So the bad news is skiing’s done till fall. The good news is Brewfest runs tomorrow. Should you miss the final day there’s always next year or Oktoberfest in August. Your columnist will be there, looking out for your interests at a nearby beer tent.