One of the wonderful things about writing a web log is the visual aspects. As a writer, one tends to emphasize words, but this space is about skiing, the mountains and locals, transferred from your correspondent to you, loyal readers. And those subjects are to be experienced, first-hand to be fully enjoyed. It’s the reason you read this space at all.

For this installment, Canyon Blog went out one spring afternoon and rode every lift between Snowbird and Alta, to gauge the average wait time and crowd density on your behalf. It was a daunting and tough assignment, but your correspondent is a dedicated servant of the Little Cottonwood masses.

Embedded are a number of photos, fired off more or less at random, across the two greatest snow resorts in the world. After a dozen lifts the results were: waited for two chairs while one to two groups got on first, otherwise it was straight on the lift. As for runs, on popular trails there were small numbers here and there, but if Canyon Blog wanted the slope to himself, he only stopped in the treeline for a moment or two, waited for the half dozen skiers to pass, and then every slope on the mountain was human free.

The lesson? Come ski any weekday afternoon between now and season’s end and you’ll get sun, slopes, and nothing to slow your adventure. And if you see a suspicious character in blue jacket and shades in the tree line as you whiz past, don’t be alarmed, it’s only Canyon Blog conducting census research.