Returning home from a month overseas I was saddened to learn of the tragic passing of Kasey Christiansen who featured in last month’s blog. He was killed Oct 12 while installing avalanche exploders above Blackjack Ridge.

I beg Canyon Blog readers’ indulgence this month in order that I might say a few words about hazardous work and Kasey. I didn’t know Kasey well aside from the conversations he and I had on the mountain when I would visit his construction crew during my hikes along the ridge. But I enjoyed them as we had shared interests and backgrounds. Both of us served in the U.S. Air Force and had interest in historical mining. Kasey, as a professional miner, took his interest to the next level, but we swapped some stories and compared notes on silver mines in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Sadly, we never got the opportunity to hike the openings we discussed. I left town Oct 6th and then time caught him short.

Kasey was working to keep the rest of us safe on the mountain and clearly relished his job and opportunity to work outdoors. He possessed a great dry sense of humor and was a Utah native, born in Beaver in 1975. You can read about his life and the two daughters he left behind at

As you come to the mountain and enjoy the snow this season I hope you’ll take just a moment before that first run and remember Kasey. In my experience, it makes a difference particularly in our own lives, when we remember. Rest in peace.

Kasey installing avalanche exploders.