The season is truly upon us. While we’re not at 100 inches of base yet (both the Bird and Alta are claiming just under four feet), snow is on the way. Your correspondent shouldered the heavy burden of skiing every lift open in the canyon (okay, not Chickadee) to provide you, his loyal readers, a comprehensive assessment going into this holiday season.

Snowy mountains.

Happy to say Supreme is up and running, though Catherine’s may leave a mark and require a bit of P-tex if one’s not careful. Groomers and moguls are already looking good with adequate coverage at hand across the rest of Alta. Sugarloaf is the current favorite with East Greeley the preferred route.

Ski slopes. Sign text: Primrose Path ,Silver Fox, Regulator Johnson.

At Snowbird Mineral Basin is scheduled to open this weekend in time to welcome revelers and locals. Personally, Canyon Blog would prefer another 24” to head off track on south facing slopes, but then again, P-tex is cheap and every day of skiing is dear, so who really cares? Everything else across the mountain is open and the conditions superb.

Ski slopes and lifts.

Was it easy to run every lift across both resorts in the interests of public awareness? Let’s just say while the burden was immense, it was worth the four hours of sun and no lines. Your correspondent also has yet to share a chair this season, the only exception being the tram, but even the blue car was walk on, ski off with sparse numbers.

Avalanche sign. Text: Avalanche Control Area, Enter Through Gates Only.

Enjoy the photos taken across our beautiful resorts today and take advantage of the early slopes while you can (Note on photos: you may notice a consistent theme, few to no skiers). And sleep soundly knowing your correspondent is out the on the slope on your behalf, one eye on the western sky, sampling conditions and monitoring lift lines so you don’t have to. You’re welcome and a Happy Holiday season to all!  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Ski slop with avalanche boundary rope.