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Alta Snowbird Skiing & Activities

Experience Exceptional Alta Ski Resort and Snowbird Vacations

Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, offers exceptional mountain vacations. Every winter, when Alta Ski Resort and Snowbird is buried in over 400 inches of annual snowfall, guests enjoy steep skiing and snowboarding through dry Utah powder. And during the summer, Little Cottonwood Canyon transforms into colorful hillsides of Utah wildflowers, with amazing hikes to high mountain lakes. Canyons Services guests have direct access to the wonders of Utah's Wasatch Mountains.

Little Cottonwood Canyon Contains a Lifetime of Mountain Adventures 

From your first lap on the Snowbird tram, to a full day of helicopter skiing with the Wasatch Powderbirds, you will find many fun and exhilarating mountain adventures in Little Cottonwood's world-class mountain landscape.

Alta-Snowbird has a Famous Range of Restaurants and Shops

Enjoy one of Alta’s many classic restaurants and coffee shops, such as the Shallow Shaft or Alta Java, or head to Snowbird for modern dining with sushi and sake. Little Cottonwood Canyon is full of unique mountain dining experiences. 

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